Could we be on the cusp of a rising market?

Despite the political turmoil swirling, there is now an acute shortage of residential property in some sectors. Could we be on the cusp of a rising market?

Here is a man who bites a dog story. With all the political gyrations going on at the moment, could the residential property market be on the cusp of an upward swing? Continue reading

The Chancellor’s Autumn Budget 2018

There were few Tax changes in today’s Budget, in respect of SDLT, for the Residential Property Market.

Of the few measures put forward, was the £500million for the Housing Infrastructure Fund, which according to Mr. Hammond will allow another 650,000 homes to be built. Although this sounds dramatic, if it is spread across many fiscal years, it won’t make much of a difference in order to help fix the ‘broken housing market’. Continue reading

Aide Memoir to Chancellor Hammond, in advance of the autumn Budget, 2018

Dear Chancellor,

I know you have some competing issues to consider at the moment, not least of which is finding the resources to meet ‘Maybots’ NHS largesse of £20billion. Nevertheless, for pity’s sake, you must do something about the distorting effect of the existing Stamp Duty regime on the UK Residential Property Market.

Whilst the SDLT changes may have been a laudable aim of the former Chancellor Osborne, to slow the property market down, thereby protecting the housing stock, the measures he used were closer to ‘stingers’ than they were to ‘sleeping policeman’.

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