The commons should be the servants of the people. Not the other way around

In 1674, the governors of London’s infamous Bedlam mental hospital stated that the venue couldn’t cope with the lunatics therein. Three hundred and forty-five years later, today’s Commons demonstrated a similar spectacle.

After a tortuous referendum process, with eight weeks of a head banging Project Fear campaign, before the largest, democratic vote in UK history, 17.4million people decided to leave the EU, representing 51.9 % of the electoral vote. They didn’t know or want to know, the intricate details of how to implement the decision that they had reached after much soul searching, they left that to the government to organise on their behalf, in the most effective way possible.
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Make sure you’ve done your homework Theresa

Theresa, if you are going to ambush the Commons with your deal, make sure you’ve done your homework first since it’s four strikes and you’re out!

Regular viewers of this blog will gather that in my opinion, Mrs. May should be awarded for her unswerving persistence (or brute obstinacy) in trying to get this Brexit deal through, a feat which resembles a game of Twister combined with three-dimensional tug of war. With all the disparate groups harbouring their own interests, it’s no wonder that May hasn’t asked for the P45 and taken up embroidery. It must be like having five mothers-in-law (heaven forbid) in the car, each with a steering wheel, constantly quarrelling about which direction to take.

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For Pete’s sake… let May get on with it!

The mad hatters’ tea party must have finished early. The ‘guests’ are treating us to a revolting spectacle of Tory ministers leaning heavily on the Prime Minister, pressuring her to remove the ‘no deal’ from the menu. They seem to have drunk deeply from the idiot cup and are gorging themselves to a large slice of egotism. I know they’re politicians, but this really isn’t the time to grub for personal acclaim.

The no deal option is an essential tool in order to extract the best compromise on the backstop from the EU and could well provide the necessary amendment to bring the likes of the ERG rabble on board, if not some of the soft remainers. Read more