A Mixed Bag For Property

This has been an interesting year for residential property. While certain value ranges have experienced reasonable activity, others have been dormant.

The reality is that Brexit has not had the cataclysmic effect on sentiments that was presumed and predicted. The main influence has been on mortgage interest rates; these have been reasonably stable to date and by the look of things, will continue in this vein. That is, of course, apart from any tweaks that Mr. Carney, Governor of the Bank of England, may be forced to impose during 2019 if inflation continues to rise. Read more

Deal or no deal, give May a break

Let me start by saying that my dislike for the corrupt, bloated, unaccountable, feudally inefficient bureaucracy of europe is deep-seated and visceral. I mean, what could possibly go wrong with an unelected, federalist elite, a top-down revolution, if you will, that can’t even sign off its own accounts? However, what the Maybot has tortuously negotiated is probably the best that anyone will get in the circumstances, considering all the red lines that the EU and the UK need to impose on any agreement. Read more