We’re out – and we’re staying out

If you were mugged for £350, then given half of it back on the condition you could only spend it on what your assailant wanted, would you go back to them the next day for a repeat performance? Probably not. Why then, are the Remainiac contingent doing all they can to hamper a clean break from the EU? Remainers are not only talking down our freedom, but they’d have us believe that everything that is wrong with the country is due to Brexit from environmental catastrophes to airport waiting times and even to the price of organic flaxseed.

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Let’s celebrate ‘the Great Escape… 23.00 hours 31 Jan 2020’

Today, Friday January 31st, is Freedom Day, so crack open a bottle of Remainer tears, feast on a side of non-vegan, un-Fair Trade British beef and celebrate our release from the Euro-federalist prison that has held us captive for the last 47 years.

There’s already much gnashing of teeth and wailing in Brussels. Pointless bureaucrats realise that they’re going to be pushed off the gravy train, as one of their net contributors won’t be mugged for an annual £39 billion any more. Britain’s departure hastens the demise of the ailing federalist project, leading the way for others to follow suit. Continue reading

Strap Yourselves In – the Housing Market is Going to Take Off

After a constant diet of doom-laden scaremongery for the past three years, it’s strange to see a major newspaper report that the IMF are now extolling the virtues of hugely resurgent growth in the UK economy. So much so that Independent GB Ltd will make the Eurozone look like a grubby corner shop. Even ‘business’ group the CBI – not known for their pro-leave stance – had to announce that optimism in British factories has gone from -44 in October to +23 in January, reaching its highest level since 2014. I wonder what event could have precipitated this turnaround? So at last we can say ‘get lost’ in 27 languages to all the remoaners and their tedious, Armageddon-flavoured tirades that we had to suffer before the Election. Continue reading