Are Residential Property Prices Rising, Falling, or Staying Where They Are?

“They don’t ring a bell at the top of the market, but if they did, the sound would be deafening!”

Up until recently, the residential property market, between £1million-£3million in the Capital, has been as busy as we have seen it in a very long time. Very few properties were coming on to the market for sale, and the stock selection was scarce at best; when a fresh new seller eventually appeared, there was a ‘bun fight’ between estate agents to nab the instruction. Continue reading

The great British property-owning tradition is alive and well under the new Tory housing proposals announced

One of the major planks of Margaret Thatcher’s deregulation initiatives, during the 80s, was to allow council house tenants to buy their own homes and become part of the ‘great British property-owning society’.  A purchase then for circa £60,000, is today worth circa £6-700,000.  One of the fortunate former tenants now has a nest egg, invariably free of debt, which when sold could buy a smaller property for themselves and release a handsome amount of cash that could provide a quasi-pension for their old age and possibly, in addition, give their offspring a ‘leg up’ by way of a deposit on their homes.

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