Not many bunnies out of Chancellor Hunt’s hat!

By Trevor Abrahmsohn, Glentree International

The UK Economy is £3trillion and the government have approximately £1trillion for spending. Yesterday’s budget had 1% to play around with – this doesn’t buy you many bunnies out of a hat!

Frankly, the Chancellor’s speech looked more a case of setting out his stall in readiness for an autumn election, than it was to change the world with his financial gymnastics. Continue reading

If the Tories scrap the Non-Dom status they may as well pull up the drawbridge to UK foreign investment

Although I am a traditional Tory voter, who believes in capitalism with a small ‘C’, I am struggling to find a positive case to vote for the Tories at the next Election. I’m not sure the deterrent effect of persuading myself that the Labour Party will be worse, is motive enough. Maybe I’ll just abstain and be a conscientious objector!

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Will the residential property market gain a ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ with the impending school fee debacle?

The German writer Heinrich Heine (1797–1856) presciently stated that Communism ‘…possesses a language which every people can understand – its elements are hunger, envy, and death.’ Sadly, this may come to pass in the General Election, as it’s a racing cert that Mr. Starmer and his merry band of class warriors will occupy No. 10. Once the non-alcoholic beer and vegan sandwiches have been consumed, it’ll be time to give the middle and upper echelons of society a good kicking and prove Heine right.

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