The Housing Ministry Trial Reservation Experiment – Getting Our Houses In Order

Moving house is ranked as stressful as death and divorce. No surprise then that the twin evils of gazumping and gazundering send buyers’ and sellers’ blood pressure through the roof, whilst mugging their bank accounts. Therefore, anything that can ameliorate this pain, must be encouraged.

The government’s plan (assuming they will still be in power) is to introduce ‘reservation agreements’ between January to March 2020. Buyers and sellers alike would be committed to putting down £500 to £1000 before entering the offer process. Read more

Could we be on the cusp of a rising market?

Despite the political turmoil swirling, there is now an acute shortage of residential property in some sectors. Could we be on the cusp of a rising market?

Here is a man who bites a dog story. With all the political gyrations going on at the moment, could the residential property market be on the cusp of an upward swing? Read more

Ban on Letting Agents’ Fees – boon for the tenant or the clunking fist of needless government interference?

‘The road to servitude is paved with government intentions’ as economist Friedrich Hayek might have said. His prophetic ideas are pertinent today, where we are on the cusp of a government ‘initiative’ to ban letting fees. As always with bureaucratic interference, a busybody’s desire to help the ‘vulnerable’ ends up as the economic version of playing the piano with boxing gloves, where the cure can often be worse than the ailment.

Any ‘fule kno’ that agents in response will simply raise their fees, which are usually around 10%, to landlords. The inevitable consequence will be higher rent levels for impoverished tenants. Read more