Time to take a wrecking ball to the Stamp Duty Escalator and let the markets fly free at last

For goodness sake Mr. Sunak, take a wrecking ball to the Stamp Duty Escalator and let the markets fly free at last… the Treasury needs the revenue, retail spending needs the stimulus as does the UK economy

What an absolute shower! Thanks to the latest – most unwanted – Chinese import, which has brought most of the world to its plague-ridden knees, the once-flourishing UK economy is teetering on the edge of an economic Beachy Head and staring into the fiscal abyss. Read more

The Not-So-Dumb-Blond

Gentlemen (and gentlewomen, plus everything else in between), let’s raise a glass and say a collective “Halleluiah” for the spectacular election result orchestrated by Captain Boris.

Today will go down in history as a political earthquake. The Boris victory (with grateful thanks to Dominic Cummings) is a seismic event that should ensure there will be a moderate, caring, stable, Tory government for not just one, but possibly two electoral terms. Read more

The Housing Ministry Trial Reservation Experiment – Getting Our Houses In Order

Moving house is ranked as stressful as death and divorce. No surprise then that the twin evils of gazumping and gazundering send buyers’ and sellers’ blood pressure through the roof, whilst mugging their bank accounts. Therefore, anything that can ameliorate this pain, must be encouraged.

The government’s plan (assuming they will still be in power) is to introduce ‘reservation agreements’ between January to March 2020. Buyers and sellers alike would be committed to putting down £500 to £1000 before entering the offer process. Read more