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Ban on Letting Agents’ Fees – boon for the tenant or the clunking fist of needless government interference?

‘The road to servitude is paved with government intentions’ as economist Friedrich Hayek might have said. His prophetic ideas are pertinent today, where we are on the cusp of a government ‘initiative’ to ban letting fees. As always with bureaucratic interference, a busybody’s desire to help the ‘vulnerable’ ends up as the economic version of playing the piano with boxing gloves, where the cure can often be worse than the ailment.

Any ‘fule kno’ that agents in response will simply raise their fees, which are usually around 10%, to landlords. The inevitable consequence will be higher rent levels for impoverished tenants. Read more

Sick Building Syndrome

According to the press, Westminster Council is considering a ban on the building of supersized homes. Is this a prudent planning measure or is the council suffering from a bad dose of the ‘Trots’?

Of course, this ‘initiative’ is risible and I’m sure that the green-eyed diktat will be poorly received by certain residents of this London borough.

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Halleluiah! The deal of the century is done, everyone get ready for the ‘Brexit bounce’

Halleluiah! At last the Brexit deal seems to be done. If it gets through the various hurdles, then we could be due for a Brexit bounce and not a moment too soon.

After two tortuous years of clowning around in the Brussels three ring circus, we finally have a deal. And not just any deal. It’s a deal that our former European partners can agree to (shock, horror) and one that May feels able to navigate through the labyrinthine parliamentary process. Read more