It’s official – Osborne’s outrageous Stamp Duty hikes are costing the UK £1billion per annum!

The ‘reasons’ underpinning the former Chancellor’s draconian hikes on Stamp Duty in the autumn Budget of 2014 are widely known. Now, we can see that the full devastating and distorting effects on the Residential Property Market have come to pass, particularly in London. Quelle surprise!

Pour yourself a strong fortifying beverage before reading on

You’d better pour yourself a strong fortifying beverage before reading on. With prices down by 25% and activity deflated by a disastrous 70%, certain sectors of the market are practically gridlocked. Frustratingly, this DIY recession is self-imposed, costing the Treasury and UK taxpayer £1billion per annum and rising.
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Solving The UK Housing Crisis

The love affair between the ‘great British public’ and the Residential Property Market is very enduring and whilst it has always been a prevalent feature of this country, Margaret Thatcher spearheaded the home owning revolution with her reforms and sales of council houses in the 80s.

Anyone who participated in buying their own home, for say £35,000 at the time, would now be looking at an asset value of circa £600,000. As a result, not only does a home provide a sanctuary for the family, but also could be a quasi pension for old age, should the property be sold and the owners downsize.
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