R.I.P. OnTheMarket


By Trevor Abrahmsohn, OnTheMarket.com Founder and Glentree International CEO.

Sadly, the agents last vestige of independence and control will be gobbled up by CoStar as the majority of shareholders in OTM have agreed to take the money and run!

Unfortunately, this is ‘short termism on steroids’ and they will rue the day that they took gain today for pain tomorrow. Continue reading

The story of OnTheMarket.com

On The MarketAbout seven years ago a sales representative from one of the two major portals came to me and asked for a 50% increase in our yearly tariff.

I was so horrified at the audacity of this proposal, that I thought I had misheard him. “Did you say 15%”? Even this ‘stuck in my craw’ as it was the equivalent of seven years worth of inflation in one hit. “No” he retorted, “I said 50%”, my worst fears were confirmed. He then tried to diffuse my mounting anger, by sheepishly asking me “not to shoot the messenger”. He explained that it was a diktat from the “head honcho” and there was nothing he could do about it.

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