Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it’s off to work we go…

As estate agents offices open up again around the country, we need to adjust to a brave, new post-virus world.

The current ‘lockdown affair’ has been tragic, absurd and surreal. However, one unexpected side effect has been that everyone has had time to reflect on their lives and discern what is truly worthwhile. The difference between the price of everything and the value of nothing, as Oscar Wilde might say.

So as we come blinking into the sunlight, it’s an opportune time to examine the seismic macroeconomic issues which are rumbling away under our feet, at this very moment. Continue reading

How divorce affects estate agents

The TV drama ‘The Split’ is airing shortly. Here’s the low down on how divorce affects estate agents…

Of the three ‘D’s’ (death, divorce and debt) divorce can be, in certain circumstances, the most painful (for some) since the consequences from it can linger endlessly and remorselessly, for many years or decades, a little like permanent ‘reflux from a bad meal.’

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Residential Property Markets: Thank goodness for Brexit!

Even intelligent observers of the Residential Property Market, particularly in London, are being fooled into believing that Brexit and its uncertainty, is responsible for the slump in activity to date, when the cognoscenti know full well, that it is all down to the ‘fall out’ from Stamp Duty.

When Mr. ‘cack-handed’ Osborne imposed these draconian hikes in this tax in 2014, he thought, somewhat stupidly, that it was the Tory’s version of a Mansion Tax. Like all myopic politicians, he had no idea of the devastating effect it would have on other parts of the economy, such as retail spending and the UK growth rate. Continue reading