Is Trump a vulgar, misogynistic, xenophobe with a narcissistic personality disorder or is he possibly one of the greatest American Presidents?

The archetypical image of a ‘perfect President’ is that they should be an elegant, fragrant person, married to an ‘American apple pie wife’ ,to reflect family values, with a set piece ‘flick up’ hair style, a ‘cheesy’ smile, with two handsome obedient kids and a family dog.

The President, should be stately and dignified with his/her international rhetoric, there should be no Tweeting and he/she should ‘strut’ the world stage ‘pressing the flesh’ of sycophantic leaders of other countries, who would like to be favoured by American power.

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President Trump will be good for Britain

Trump’s presidency will undoubtedly set the American economy alight. His predecessor has presided over subdued growth that has been attenuated by suffocating regulation, high corporate taxation and ‘big government’ which is why growth in the USA is presently 2% and not more, despite an unprecedented amount of Quantitative Easing. Continue reading