Is Trump a vulgar, misogynistic, xenophobe with a narcissistic personality disorder or is he possibly one of the greatest American Presidents?

The archetypical image of a ‘perfect President’ is that they should be an elegant, fragrant person, married to an ‘American apple pie wife’ ,to reflect family values, with a set piece ‘flick up’ hair style, a ‘cheesy’ smile, with two handsome obedient kids and a family dog.

The President, should be stately and dignified with his/her international rhetoric, there should be no Tweeting and he/she should ‘strut’ the world stage ‘pressing the flesh’ of sycophantic leaders of other countries, who would like to be favoured by American power.

Mr. Obama embodied this stereotype. He paid ‘lip service’ to all the important issues of his country, in an intelligent and composed fashion, yet he will rank as one of the most inept Presidents ever to occupy the White House. Some say, with good reason, that he was the ‘Resident’ of One Pennsylvania Avenue, instead of ‘The President’.

A greater isolationist, would be difficult to find, whose foreign policy was, sadly, limited to the relations with Cuba. His legendary golf pursuits were numerous and he showed no reluctance in picking up the Nobel Peace Prize within six months of his inauguration, for ‘being there’, which certainly undermines this august accolade.

How should we look upon Trump?

How should we therefore look upon Trump? A misogynistic, narcissistic, xenophobe with an extreme personality disorder. An inarticulate orator who is determined to repeat incessantly, childish phrases as if his audience have a hearing problem. He is a pathological, mindless, Tweeter, who should have his phone taken away from him at night.

All these failings he certainly suffers from however on the other hand, he is delivering on his electoral promises and possibly changing the World for the benefit of all Americans.

Allow me to give you 14 reasons why you should ‘hold your nose’ long enough to see if this man is actually ‘doing things’ that could have a formative change on the World with his aggressive, uni-lateral methods.

1. As a result of his recent tax changes, almost every American has had a bonus in their pay cheque.

2. The current USA growth is unprecedented, with full employment and tolerable inflation.

3. President Assad of Syria and his ‘puppeteer’, Mr. Putin, will ‘think twice’ before they indiscriminately use chemical weapons on the Syrian’s. This is in sharp contrast to the Obama days, where they committed heinous crimes against their population, with impunity.

4. North and South Korea are ‘talking peace’ for the first time in 70 years, yet only four months ago ‘Trumpian’ critics, were accusing him of playing Russian Roulette with a despot and risking World War III. There is now an unprecedented summit in Singapore with Trump and Kim Jung-Un, talk of formal peace terms being exchanged between the two Koreas and the three American citizens have been released, as promised. Trump is being considered for the Nobel Peace Prize and he is much more deserving than his lackluster predecessor.

5. China is reluctantly revising its obscene trade surplus with the USA, which is 4% of its GDP, whilst Chinese imports from the US are less than 1% of Americas GDP. President Zi has already pledged to significantly lower its 25% Tariff on American cars, for instance, whilst Chinese goods in America, attract only a 2% Tariff. Chinese trade practices have included, having to always involved a local partner and the necessity to disclose the blueprints of their technology.

6. Under the threat of Trade Tariffs on car and steel imports into America, Germany is being forced, against its wishes, to spend 2% on NATO defence, which it has studiously resisted, for decades.

7. The US Sanctions against Russia are irritating Putin and forcing his oligarch pal, Oleg Deripaska, to reduce his majority stake in Rusal (one of the largest aluminum empires), against his wishes.

8. Mr. Macron of France, is on the charm offensive and ‘kissing Trump on all four cheeks’ so that he can act as a bridge between Europe and the USA, in place of post Brexit Britain, in terms of Trade Tariff exemptions.

9. He has cut aid to Pakistan, as long as they continue to fund the Taliban, who are waging war against the West.

10. He has cut the funding to the Palestinians, which he will only reinstate when they do a peace deal with Israel.

11. He has had the strength of character to resist international pressure by carrying out an edict (approved, but never implemented by previous US Presidents) by moving the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the official Capital of Israel.

12. America is presently the second largest energy producer in the World and very soon will be the biggest, which will give them ‘soft power’ to control the World Oil Price, which has not been the case for circa 100 years. China has no natural energy resources and wants a lower oil price, whilst Russia wants a high price, since 60% of their economy is derived from energy and Trump can trade this leverage, for all manner of benefits for the USA.

13. He made Saudi Arabia his first State Visit and clearly told the Ruling Family that they needed to reform their arthritic, feudal, practices if they wanted to be a ‘meaningful player’ on the world stage, particularly with their quest to counter the growth of Shiite influence in the Middle East. Low and behold, shortly thereafter, Prince Salman exacted the greatest, radical reforms that have ever been carried out in the Kingdom since time immemorial and with breathtaking speed. You could say this is very ‘Trumpian’!

14. Trump’s latest decree is to abandon the ‘daft deal’ with Iran, which was negotiated by the inept former President Obama’s envoy, Mr. Kerry, about three years ago. It takes great courage to do this and I would bet his negotiating instincts against any of those ‘pansies’ from Europe, or even the UK, that he will get far more commitment from a new deal with Iran, that should include the very necessary curtailment of their State sponsored terrorism, for the extremist groups, Taliban, Hezbollah and Hamas.

When Iran was ‘on their knees’ and ‘brought to heel’ by the previous sanctions, that was the time to prevent their ‘meddling ways’ in the Middle East, but better late than never. I trust Trump’s instincts to do a better deal here than anyone from the rest of Europe.

Trump ‘slaughtered sacred cows’

Clearly, he has ‘slaughtered, sacred cows’ and the larger nations of the World have been ‘brought to heel’ by his policies.

He intimidates his despotic opponents with his own brand of terrifying rhetoric, which they believe could be only too real.

Question: Do you know where the 400lb gorilla with a machine gun sits?
Answer: Anywhere he wants to sit!

This is in sharp contrast to the complete contempt in which Mr. Obama was held and was the object of international ridicule, to America’s foes.

Good for the World?

So, my liberal minded, metropolitan friends, you need to ‘hold your nose’ long enough to understand that this ‘lunatic and vulgar’ President, in his ‘cockamamie’ unique fashion, may just be doing more good for America and for the rest of the world, than you may imagine. What could possibly go wrong?

The living standards of all Americans should improve, even though the US debt may rise in the short term and the status of the USA in the World will be restored to its former glory, as it should be.

We should welcome him with open arms on his working visit to the UK in July, since, at the very least, he represents our closest ally and with whom we do more business than with any other country in the World.

We need to ‘curry favour’ with the US, in order to expedite our post Brexit trade, a privilege which would have certainly been denied to us by Mr.Obama. If you remember he threatened that we would be ‘at the back of the queue’ for Trade and was the centre piece of the ridiculous ‘Operation Fear’ campaign, orchestrated by the former Prime Minister Cameron and Chancellor Osborne, before the last Referendum.

Lest we forget, if it were not for the ‘special relationship’ with the USA in the last War, we would all be speaking German and compulsory reading in our schools would be ‘Mein Kampf’, in place of Shakespeare or Chaucer!

May I rest my case!