A real Chinese takeaway

The Chinese government has much to answer for at the moment, as the world suffers 500,000 Covid-induced deaths and has cost probably ten trillion dollars worth of reparations to underpin the global economies.

Quite apart from the vexed Huawei 5G issues, which the government is trying to unravel as we speak, there’s even more trouble in Beijing’s backyard, as President Xi and his cronies tighten the imperialistic legal controls on Hong Kong citizens, in order to bring them – forcibly – under Communist dictatorship. Continue reading

The sycophantic relationship between the USA and Saudi Arabia, as revealed to me by President Gorbachev

President Gorbachev and Trevor Abrahmsohn

Received wisdom is that the Cold War ended in the early 80s, when Ronald Reagan announced his Strategic Defensive Initiative (SDI, Star Wars Initiative). It was a quantum leap in nuclear defence and light years ahead of Soviet weapons technology.

The impact was such that it forced the Russians to reconsider their strategic defence; we all know what happened next and ultimately, they ‘threw in the (radioactive) towel’.

However, there is a problem. It is not quite the truth. Continue reading