The Art Of Closing A Deal

I’ve been in business now for 40 years and I’ve learnt every ‘trick of the trade’ to help close a deal when circumstances conspire against you.  When I say a ‘deal’ this could as easily apply to personal relationships, redeeming a loan or as generic as changing lanes in a traffic jam. It all involves relationships with humans and getting the best out of any situation however fraught.

Ordinarily, I vow to take these secrets to the grave!  But, on a one-off basis I’m willing to share them with anyone who is interested at a ‘TED’ style talk on the evening of Tuesday March 4, at The Centre for Jewish Life,  Media House, 4 Stratford Place, London W1C 1AT, 7.00 for 7.30pm.

I have honed my technique over this time so that I have the master key to every lock in most circumstances.  Interested, intrigued or simply curious?  Then why not come along?

Tickets cost £8 and are restricted so book now on 020 7495 6089 or email: or book online,