Scottish Devolution

Firstly, Mr Cameron, wisely, has set the date for the Scottish Devolution Referendum much earlier than Mr Salmond would have liked.  To compound matters Mr Carney was invited to Scotland and made it quite clear that for a devolved Scotland to share The Pound as a common currency they would have to cede sovereignty in terms of taxation and spending.  This effectively would defeat the object of the devolution process that is designed, presumably, to give the Scottish people more say in local issues

As if this wasn’t enough to’ frighten the life’ out of those who are unsure President Jose Manuel Barrosso ‘swans in’ with his comments that to get all 28 Member States of Europe to vote in favour of the inclusion of Scotland as a new member would be well nigh impossible and certainly Spain, who have their own issues of devolution with Catalonia and are opposing Kosovo’s potential membership for the same reasons, would be certainly against it (amongst others).

Effectively, a lot of money is going to be spent on the referendum process when the outcome is almost certain to be a vote against it.

As much as the Scottish nationalists resent control from the south why would they ever want to be cut loose from the UK mainland; a little country with a little currency being tossed hither and thither by the waves of the world’s economic current and not a member of any organised trading nation?

Mr Salmond, you have your work cut out, it’s all going to go’ pear shaped’ and I hope you will respect the ultimate decision of your nation with dignity and humility.