Corbyn’s Latest Tax-Grab, Stalin-Style

Whilst few of the British reside in castles anymore (apart from our cherished Royal family), property owners of the nation regard their home as hallowed ground. In true socialist style though, Neo-Marxist, Dictator-in-Waiting Corbyn has decided that “what’s yours is mine” and is drooling over a Capital Gains Tax on all PPRs (personal private residences).

No former government has ever had the temerity to stamp on this sacred ground, for fear of an electoral backlash, but evidently there is no stopping this complete buffoon and his audacious tax plans. Continue reading

If a Jeremy Corbyn led government was ever to gain power, the exodus of wealth creators from the UK will be less of a ‘brain drain’ from this country and more of a lobotomy

If I may, I’d like to address all those 20-40 year old ‘Labour voting groupies’ who are ‘gooey eyed’, naïve, liberal minded idealists, who, thanks to others, can now take for granted world peace, full employment, foreign travel, a successful, innovative and productive nation, with more strike-free days than any other nation in the G20.
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