If a Jeremy Corbyn led government was ever to gain power, the exodus of wealth creators from the UK will be less of a ‘brain drain’ from this country and more of a lobotomy

If I may, I’d like to address all those 20-40 year old ‘Labour voting groupies’ who are ‘gooey eyed’, naïve, liberal minded idealists, who, thanks to others, can now take for granted world peace, full employment, foreign travel, a successful, innovative and productive nation, with more strike-free days than any other nation in the G20.

You lucky people, who are now being lured into a ‘honey trap’ by the neo-Marxists in the Corbyn government, promising you, at the next Election, were they to gain power, redemption from student loans, free education and housing for all, amongst other very tempting offerings.

What a pity that the appalling memory of the horrors of past failed Marxist/extreme socialistic governments have been eradicated and resigned to history. Clearly, you don’t remember soviet tanks in Hungary, Solzhenitsyn, Jan Palach burning himself to death in Czechoslovakia, Honecker’s Stasi, strafing his people trying to cross the Berlin Wall as they made a desperate rush for freedom to the capitalist West. The brave students in Tiananmen Square confronting the Chinese tanks, Pol Pot, the beatings, the gulags. How blissful it must be to resign these terrible memories of failed regimes to the dustbins of a bygone era.

Bringing matters closer to hand, I bet you don’t remember the former Labour Party Chancellor, Denis Healey, going ‘cap in hand’ to the IMF for rescue loans, due to his economic mis-management at the time, nor Prime Minister Jim Callaghan’s ‘winter of discontent’. The arch ‘goon’ Derek Hatton in Liverpool, Scargill’s ‘flying pickets’ and the UK being seen as the ‘sick man of Europe’ is all foreign to you I suppose and must be considered as ‘trumped-up’ Tory Party rhetoric.

You have been fed the lie that the noble miners, the dockers, the British Leyland workers and shop stewards, were the unsung heroes of their day, whilst the former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was the ‘wicked witch’ who broke the back of the unions and ‘snatched’ free milk from children at school.

If only youth was not so wasted on the young.

May I remind you that we all had to suffer great hardship to rid the UK of the scourge of the left wing, political, zealots and the destruction that they caused in the past to our magnificent nation.

The truth, if you want to hear it, is that Thatcher ‘tamed’ the unions, as Reagan did in the USA, in order that the greatness of this country could once again ‘rise like a phoenix’ and reward those who were hard working, innovative and aspirational, so that together, we could regenerate ourselves into the fifth greatest economy on earth, with all the benefits for the nation which flow from this.

A resurgent and marauding Labour Party

A resurgent and marauding Labour Party would return the power to the unions, so that it can drag us back to the darkest days of the 1970s. It would re-introduce secondary picketing, impose penal Corporation Taxes, with punitive increases in Death Duties, Income and Capital Gains Tax, at the same time. In the post Brexit era this would be suicidal.

Once again, it’s going to be beer and sandwiches on the menu at Number 10, at the very least, with Len McCluskey and his union buddies, dictating government policy.

Severe austerity programme

We have just been through a severe austerity programme, in order to bring down the Budget deficit from a banana republic level of £160billion (12%) to the present £20billion (2%). The reason for this is that the great innumerate, former Labour Chancellor, Gordon Brown, was spending too much in 2007, when the tax receipts were at their maximum, and didn’t anticipate the 2008 Credit Crunch, when he had to re-inflate the Economy to stop it tipping into recession/depression. Instead, he should have had a balance budget at the peak of the cycle, in readiness for a possible recession and the UK wouldn’t have been in the parlous state that we were in, when the Tories returned with a coalition government in 2010.

This reckless spending instinct is symptomatic of the Labour Party, the difference being that Gordon Brown represented a moderate, centralist, Labour view, whilst Corbyn is an extreme left wing version, with all the increased dangers that this represents for economic mis-management.

If we were in any doubt about the militancy of the present Labour Party, we need look no further than the comments of the Labour MP, Laura Smith, MP for Crewe and Nantwich, who recently and unashamedly, called for a General Strike if there was no General Election, as a result of failure of the Brexit negotiations. Go figure!

Wealth creators ‘leaving in droves’

Corbyn’s Labour Party does not care that there will be a ‘flight of capital’ from the UK, with wealth creators ‘leaving in droves’, since they hold the benign belief that nationalisation cures everything.

In my view, if Mr. Corbyn becomes PM, the Pound will sink to 80cents on the Dollar (and the Euro) and the Residential Property Market will be in free fall with 30 sellers to one buyer (who will be a thief). Inflation will go beserk, which will need much higher Interest Rates to bear down upon it, with the unfortunate impact on rising mortgage rates. Exchange controls will be powerless to stop the capital outflows.

I can imagine the response of the Labour Party being ‘What’s wrong with a collapsing Residential Property Market anyway? It’s better for the first time buyer.’ Perhaps we should then ignore the intrinsic link between the property market, retail spending and the growth of the UK consumer led economy?

It intends to borrow a frightening figure of £230billion which it now calls ‘off-balance-sheet-money’ in order to sanitize it and amongst other corporate raids, will be the ‘rape and pillage’ of the utility companies from their shareholders.

The new nationalised companies will be run by ‘Brenda from reception’, since they wouldn’t want to pay the market rate for proper management, with the obvious catastrophic consequences of this process.

Name me one nation in the world, run by neo-Marxist’s, who have done well for their population.

One of Mr. Corbyn’s great heroes was Hugo Chavez who transformed Venezuela from being one of the wealthiest South American countries, with huge natural resources, into a ‘basket case’ nation, who can’t feed itself, and where, presently, there is a stampede of its people trying to escape the poverty trap, with 10,000,000% inflation, by fleeing to Colombia.

Look at the prosperity that capitalistic South Korea has earned for its people, contrasted against the extreme poverty of a communistic North Korea.

Taking the example of socialist France, closer to home. They have nationalised a lot of their industries and despite the government’s efforts, still suffer a permanent 9% unemployment rate, whilst ours is 4%, which is effectively, for us, full employment. To the French, the UK represents ‘the land of opportunity’!

To further illustrate the inefficiency of the French nationalistic programme, EDF, a state owned company, is eight years late with their new power station in Flamanville, where the total cost is presently running at three times the original estimate. Where are the ‘howls of protest’ for this crass inefficiency? The silence is deafening, since the taxpayer will pick up the tab.

Social fairness

Social fairness is being transformed in the UK and this is illustrated by the fact that in Callaghan’s day, 1% of the nation paid 11% of the total tax take and now today, 1% pay 20% of all UK taxes. So effectively this means that the tax burden of the many, is paid for by the few. Given the incorrigibly antisemitic instincts of the present Labour Party, if you are Jewish and they gain power, you will be as welcome “as a pork chop at a Barmitzvah!”

After Mr. Corbyn’s destruction of this great country of ours, it will take decades to repair the damage that he and his cohorts will undoubtedly create. Beguiled, young, Labour voters, will have ‘blood on their hands’ if this is the case, as history repeats itself!

As the Brexit negotiations reach their crescendo, is not the spectre of an extreme Labour government and their legendary economic incompetence, the antithesis of what this country needs today? As we try and make headway in the World, confidence is so vital to maintain, allowing us the opportunity to shape our future and destiny for subsequent generations.