The NHS is a national treasure

The NHS is a national treasure and anyone who thinks otherwise should be in a psychiatric ward

I genuinely adore and respect this country; we are the luckiest people in the world to live in this liberal, tolerant society which to most discerning people, is the most desirable place to live.

Usually, we can take for granted great civility and decency and, in the main, people do for each other without necessarily counting the cost.

If I may, I’d like to turn to one of the greatest British institutions, the NHS.

Sadly and regrettably, it is used as a football kicked between warring political parties, particularly before notable elections, but this should not undermine in any way, the wonderful service it regularly provides, no matter what, to every person in the land.

I say this because I have had the need to attend the University College London Hospital, twice over the past two months and I wanted to share my findings.

A rainforest of money trees

Admittedly, a health service of this scale needs a veritable ‘rainforest of money trees’, as new state of the art medical treatments/drugs to prolong life, are discovered. This is the way of the world and is why it so desperately needs political and economic support.

I was treated to the highest standards of healthcare that I could expect anywhere in the world. The doctors and nurses displayed meticulous attention to their work which bordered on the obsessive. Everything revolved around making the patient as comfortable as possible, day and night. This makes them feel cosseted and welcome, which goes a long way to helping recovery.

Now that I have drunk from the ‘holy plasma drip’ it’s been an epiphany for me and great credit must be paid to the head of this fine institution, Professor Marcel Levi and his dedicated medical team.

£20billion largesse

Admittedly, credit must also go to Theresa May for the £20billion largesse which she left as a legacy to the NHS in her time as Prime Minister. Fortuitously, by the look of things, Boris Johnson, for his own judicious reasons, is continuing his support, which is very welcome.

Say what you like about the state of healthcare in Europe, or the rest of the world, if you want the highest standards of medicine, then you should look no further than our own benevolent and thoroughly underestimated, NHS!