The commons should be the servants of the people. Not the other way around

In 1674, the governors of London’s infamous Bedlam mental hospital stated that the venue couldn’t cope with the lunatics therein. Three hundred and forty-five years later, today’s Commons demonstrated a similar spectacle.

After a tortuous referendum process, with eight weeks of a head banging Project Fear campaign, before the largest, democratic vote in UK history, 17.4million people decided to leave the EU, representing 51.9 % of the electoral vote. They didn’t know or want to know, the intricate details of how to implement the decision that they had reached after much soul searching, they left that to the government to organise on their behalf, in the most effective way possible.

Sadly since 85% of Commons are Remainers they are trying their best to hijack the process and obfuscate democracy, which they hope and pray will lead to a second Referendum and will yield the right result, i.e. Remain.

Personally, I have no objection to a second Referendum as long as the ‘Remain’ question isn’t on the menu. Giving the populace a bunch of complicated questions which lead to various options, is not what democracy is about. If the people are going to run the country, then what on earth do they need 650 over-paid, hot air spouting cretins for?

Sadly, this unbelievable arrogance is something we are now used to from the condescending classes.

People’s Revolt

Meanwhile, back in the real world, the mood of the country speaks of a simmering people’s revolt, reaching for tumbrels and pitchforks to put these tin-pot, finger-wagging elitists back into their box and I will be the cheer leader for it.

It is true that ‘the Maybot’ exceeded her own standards of incompetence in mismanaging the 2017 Election. Instead of increasing her majority, which would have assisted her greatly in implementing Brexit, the reverse happened and now she has this fine mess on her hands and is paying a huge price for this hubris.

It’s a fait accompli that the rent-a-mob Labour Party ‘schmucks’ will do anything to frustrate the government’s business, with their mindless tactics. We can’t even blame the ERG or DUP for objecting to the terms of the backstop, since they are still thrashing out what we will do further down the line, when trade deals are being discussed with the EU.

Obstinacy and obduracy

Bitter experience shows us that no one does obstinacy and obduracy, when negotiating such deals, better than the EU. The vultures from Brussels are sniffing blood and sense that if we cannot unilaterally detach ourselves from the backstop, they will use this weakness to their huge commercial advantage in the negotiations. They’re not above nabbing our fishing rights (as has been happening for decades) or demanding joint sovereignty of Gibraltar (yeah, right), as well as other pointless requirements that they keep inventing, like the wonky cucumber regulations. Genius.

May must be condemned for her naivety in failing to deal properly with the backstop in October of last year and signing the agreement with the EU. Tone-deaf to any advice, she decided not to consult the Attorney General or the other interested groups within her party, who might have had visceral objections. This makes dumb, look intelligent and was perhaps reflective of her instincts to take it to the wire and march the dissenters to the cliff top. She may have achieved the former, but whether she can get the dissenters to do a volte face in a third meaningful vote, remains to be seen.

Admittedly, the Prime Minister has been a partial victim of this tortured process and I am not sure if any of the potential candidates for her impending replacement, would like the reins of power at the moment… I wonder why?

Right to walk away fundamental pre-requisite

The fundamental pre-requisite of any negotiation is the right to walk away. Unfortunately, the mendacious weasels in Parliament have voted out this option, bending over for our EU tormentors, to do as they please with us.

Governments are elected to govern and the Prime Minister manages and directs the policies. But now we have 650 pseudo-leaders, who all know more than the voters. The only comfort is that the masks have now slipped and we see the brown shower that has soiled Parliament. Traitors to a man (and woman), this omni shambles demeans one of the oldest democracies in the world.

The refurb of Westminster Hall should have included an area by the Commons that featured stocks and one of those mediaeval catapult things (a trebuchet, I believe) and a tent for slapping and birching, although some of them may actually get a thrill from that last one.

Perverts notwithstanding, every member should be forced to attend this ‘playground’ for some much needed treatment, maybe it would knock some sense into these errant MPs, who have been elevated beyond their incompetence and greatly exceeded their station.

The next stop is Traitor’s Gate.