For Pete’s sake… let May get on with it!

The mad hatters’ tea party must have finished early. The ‘guests’ are treating us to a revolting spectacle of Tory ministers leaning heavily on the Prime Minister, pressuring her to remove the ‘no deal’ from the menu. They seem to have drunk deeply from the idiot cup and are gorging themselves to a large slice of egotism. I know they’re politicians, but this really isn’t the time to grub for personal acclaim.

The no deal option is an essential tool in order to extract the best compromise on the backstop from the EU and could well provide the necessary amendment to bring the likes of the ERG rabble on board, if not some of the soft remainers.

Without this leverage, Maybot is trying to negotiate a very complex matter with her hands tied behind her back and the inevitable consequences beckon.

She has repeated – ad nauseam – that the best way to avoid a no Brexit option is to agree to her deal, with its assorted nuances.

The implicit rule of negotiation

The implicit rule of negotiation is that you always should have the right to walk away. Relinquishing this, means that the opposing party can tie you to the bedpost and have their wicked way with you, at will. One thing is for certain, we will be serenaded by a chorus of remainer caterwauling, since they disagree with the referendum vote and are doing their utmost to stymie the Brexit process.

This bunch of nudniks have smelled blood and are already posturing for political positions in the impending post-May era.

How disgusting is it to see this feeding frenzy of petty self-aggrandisement, when the future of this country is at stake? I would happily support legislation to bring back flogging for these errant politicians, who seem hell bent on frustrating a very complicated and delicately balanced matter.

I believe that the Prime Minister has already a compromise from the EU tucked up her sleeve, which she will only let out of the bag, just before the March 12th vote. This will allow her to bounce a majority of MPs into falling in line with her deal. The possibility of a no deal option is the reason why this strategy is likely to work – hence her reluctance to concede on this issue, until recently.

Ignore the empty threats

Meanwhile, it is best to ignore the empty threats and gob offal emanating from the EU, since they are just as keen to avoid a no deal Brexit as anyone else. This includes the Republic of Ireland, whose economy would plummet, were this to take place.

May is running down the clock and wants to lead the dissenting rabble to the cliff tops of Beachy Head, before she asks them for acquiescence.

It’s a strategy which can produce a deal, that will give the country a much-needed Brexit boost.

The deluded commie-freaks of the Labour Party are also in a state of total shambles. When all this is done, frankly, the Tories should seize the moment and call a snap election. If only they could grow some big, hairy clackers then there’s every chance of a positive result.

Give May a free rein

So the message is loud and clear – give May a free rein and the country will be better off.

Admittedly, her deal is not perfect. It will inevitably irritate and placate in equal measure, which is about as close to the Nirvana option that anyone will get.

Despite the effusion of hot air and bluster, it’s still the only deal in town. Corbyn might be muttering into his filthy beard about a Norway hybrid alternative, but as always, it’s meaningless drivel. All the focus should be on May’s version.

Parliament needs a bomb up its nether regions in order to instill coherent thinking about the reality of the situation and the perils of getting it wrong and we should ignore all the hyperbole that abounds. Who better to step in here than Guy Fawkes, where is the man, when you most need him?