An emboldened ‘comrade’ Corbyn, the next Prime Minister… what an awful prospect, there will be ‘blood on the floor’!

In 2022, or earlier, we could be looking down the barrel of a quasi-Marxist government, if the Tories don’t get their ‘act together’ and start to look like a cohesive government not only in office, but in power!

This militant, left wing, resurgent, Labour Party will stop at nothing to bribe and bamboozle the UK Electorate, in order to convince them of the virtues of their Trotskyite dogma.

If this doomsday scenario comes about, then all the trade union legislation reforms that Margaret Thatcher as Prime Minister at the time, so courageously implemented, will be reversed and the UK will immediately return to the dark days of the 1970s, where labour relations were fraught and anarchy, reigned supreme.

Much to be proud of

We have come a long way since then and we have a lot to be proud of, with the lowest record of industrial strikes in the western world. We still have one of the fastest moving, robust economies in the G7, with record low unemployment, huge foreign investment and we don’t want to put this privileged position at risk…do we?

Successive Tory chancellors, have endeavoured to reduce our ‘banana republic’ budget deficit, that was the legacy of the last incompetent Labour Party and was approaching the comical levels of Greece, at one point in time. This now very much under control, although Hammond will be under pressure now to abandon austerity and start to expand the Economy.

At the recent Labour Party Conference, the Shadow Chancellor was speaking openly about a ‘run’ on the Pound, which I fear will be closer to a rout given the frightening, un-costed, policies that they are advocating. The Stock Markets will be in freefall and any uncertainty that may exist presently with Brexit, amongst the international community, will be a ‘walk in the park’ by comparison.

Opening the sluice gates

This aspiring Labour Party, ‘drunk’ with their own self-belief, will open the sluice gates of spending to levels unseen in recent post war history and modest estimates have totalled these at above £300billion or more. Government expenditure will be exponential and with all this money being poured into the Economy together with a likely reset of public sector wage increases, this will in aggregate, stoke the inflationary fires and higher interest rates will be needed not only to ‘keep the lid’ on this, but to support the inevitable collapse of the Pound. The turmoil amongst international investors in the UK, will be visceral, as the ‘flight of money’ from this country would begin. This is Armageddon in the making and anyone who cannot see this needs to go to ‘Specsavers’!

In a vain attempt to solve the housing crisis, these ‘hapless fools’ are advocating rent controls, Mansion Tax, higher Income Tax, compulsory purchases and we all know what happens when ‘the incompetent clunking hand of government’ interferes with free markets and the net effect of this, on our Economy. Have we learnt nothing from the errors of the past?

Fearful of this holocaust, potential landlords will ‘dump’ their Buy-to-Let properties, driven by the fear of negative equity and higher holding costs, which will curtail the supply of the private rental sector and as sure as ‘eggs are eggs’, rents would rise exponentially rendering the most vulnerable groups worse off, than they are at present.

Property values plummet

I see residential property values plummeting, particularly in the Capital, above the £900,000 threshold, where sellers will out number buyers by a huge margin and liquidity will come to a halt, as only ‘bottom feeders’ pluck off the weakest property holders.

Although this will be a modern day ‘holocaust’ for property owners in the UK, you can just see the glee in the faces of those ‘terrible twins’, Corbyn and McDonnell, since the cataclysmic fall in values will make them believe that property will be more affordable to the masses yet they will be blind to the caustic effect of this on the wider Economy due to their lack of numeric literacy and vision.

Multi-national companies, who have been lured to the UK, by the low Corporation Tax environment here, will begin to leave in droves at the prospect of a hostile, socialist, tax environment and this must be the worse possible moment for this to happen to this country, in the post Brexit era.

Even in America, Mr. Trump is trying to lower Corporation Tax from 35% to 20% and we will be then going in the opposite direction, with all the unintended consequences that this will undoubtedly represent.

What happened to the Labour Party’s promises to redeem student loans, so duplicitously suggested by them before the last Election? Is the youth voter of this country, so naïve as to be seduced by these conspicuous bribes, which are being ‘thrown around’ like confetti one minute and then taken back the next, by a party bent on gaining power at all costs?

Surely, the Great British Electorate must have more political ‘nous’ than to vote for these nasty ‘Muppets’, with menacing aforethought?