Poor To Become Rich Not Rich To Become Poor

In a perfect world I would want the poor to aspire to become rich and not the rich to become poor to form a better society.

What’s wrong with the mood of the Nation today?  The politics of envy is in the ascendancy and ‘kicking the rich’ seems to be a popular sport.  What has happened to aspiration?

How do we get a fairer society?  I would argue by a good dose of ‘caring’ Capitalism.  We need Capitalism to provide the entrepreneurial environment that allows more people to take charge of their destiny, improve their living standards and to aspire high instead of being envious of ‘the haves’.

There will always be inequality in all societies and you don’t make a better environment by attacking ‘the haves’.

I will concede that for those genuinely under-privileged, who needs help, should get it in full measure and this is where the ‘caring’ Capitalism comes in.

Socialists need the Capitalists to make the money for them to spend.  More spending means that you are mortgaging tomorrow’s future and eventually you will come unstuck.

The two ‘Ed’s’ and their ‘merry men’ are ‘fanning the flames’ of envy by their every reference to the Conservative Party. I’m not sure that this is a helpful culture from which to build society.

Lets get over this issue and aspire as high as we dare.  One is only limited by ones own imagination!