Is Margaret Thatcher a Tax Dodger?

Before anyone goes on a tirade about Margaret Thatcher buying a property in London via an offshore vehicle fuelled, dare I say, by a good measure of politics of envy let me give you some home truths.

Purchasing a property through an offshore vehicle does not in anyway escape death duties since any UK individual has to pay these no matter what or where the asset is in the world.

Even non domicile residents have to pay this if they have been in the UK for more than 17 years so, lay off this political icon who has done so much to make this country of ours feel so proud

If the reason for using an offshore vehicle was that she wanted anonymity can you blame here?  She was hounded by the paparazzi that were going through her bins and was a target for the IRA (amongst other radicals in the world).

She would have paid Stamp Duty on the purchase at the normal rates as well as Council Tax.  Leave her alone and stop trying to posthumously sully her name and reputation.