Property Prices Across The UK Are Moving North At Last

As I predicted all along, property prices across the UK are at last moving northwards now ‘in sync’ with London but not at the same rate.  The ‘doomsters’ who said that as a result of government cut backs in the public sector in the outer regions property prices would be depressed for many years were clearly misguided ( i.e. Capital Economics).  With lending being so affordable by way of fixed rate long-term mortgages there has never been a better time to put your money into residential property.  It is now recognised as being one of the most preferred asset classes now that the Stock Market is fully loaded, yields on cash so poor and bonds being dull.  Even gold has lost its shine.

London property prices will continue their relentless upwards surge and we will probably see up to 5% growth this year alone.  There is nothing to stop this taking place and the only black cloud on the horizon is threat of Mansion Tax.