Boris Johnson bullying developers to build out their land bank

Boris….bless your heart.  You do mean well but I’m not sure that attacking the house builders with an axe is the best way to encourage them to build out their land banks. An attempt to compulsory purchase may be fine as a threat but if you try to implement it they will attack you in the courts and the matter will be in a legal wrangle for years.

Let me tell you of the story of the wind and the sun.

Once upon a time the wind and the sun. who were old rivals, wanted to finally establish who was the most effective of the two so they had a bet.  The contest was “who could get the raincoat off an unsuspecting victim on earth”.  The wind went first and blew, and blew, and blew. No amount of hurricane winds would detach the raincoat from the man who simply grasped it closer to his body.  The smug sun asked if he could now have his turn and the wind reluctantly agreed.  The sun shone and shone until the man on earth became so hot that he took the coat off himself.  The sun won his bet.

Take heed from this parable and provide the environment for the house builders to want to develop their land banks.  The lender institutions need to provide finance and then, low and behold, you will have the environment without force majeure. Always apply common sense to these intractable matters and the way forward will be clear.