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Top Secret: Why Are Asking Prices So Critical, Particularly In The Market Today?

You would think that common sense would prevail, when sellers or landlords are pitching their asking price in a challenging market wouldn’t you? If only it did.

Vendors or landlords of residential property, aided and abetted by duplicitous agents, are always trying to ‘crank’ the asking price of their properties, regardless of the negative effect that this has on the marketability of the property itself. Read more

The great Wimbledon event is almost upon us. So, anyone for tennis?

Our bloodshot eyes and runny noses should tell us that the great British summer festival is in full bloom and we are on the eve of one of its iconic events, Wimbledon, which is the cherished tournament of the Sport and its top prize is elusive for most of the participants, save for a few extraordinary players.

Tennis, as anyone who is a fan would know, can be an irresistible sport. Its downside is that if you want to play it on your own private court, it is space consumptive, particularly if you live in London where, in fact, the value of the land it occupies can amount to a small fortune, particularly as it is also a building plot. Read more

How can you effectively rein in Mr. Putin?

How can you effectively rein-in Mr. Putin? ‘Tweaking the tails’ of his Russian cronies will not do the trick, since there is only one way. Let me explain…

The Russian Trade Delegation Compound in Highgate West Hill, N6, is an unlikely ‘fountain head’ of espionage and intrigue, which belies it leafy, sleepy, suburban ambience. It was established in 1920 and over the years, has been a Mecca for Russians and various individuals from the Soviet Union since time immemorial, supposedly to encourage business in the UK. During the ‘shadowy’ days of the Cold War, goodness knows how many dubious characters would regularly file in and out of this place and you only have to look at the plethora of antennas on the roof, to work out what they really may have been doing there.
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