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Would a no-deal Brexit be good or bad for the residential property market?

There is much talk today, in the press, about the consequences of a ‘no deal’ on Brexit, even Dr. Liam Fox has put it down to a 60/40 chance.

The Governor of the Bank of England (BOE), Mr. Carney, has increased Interest Rates, probably because he believes that, on balance, the Brexit deal will happen and therefore, the control of inflation is more important today, than anything else, when the ‘sluice gates open’ on public sector wage increases and their knock on effect on the private sector. Read more

How the recent hot weather could cause a tsunami of subsidence claims for insurance companies

Breaking news! With the unprecedented hot summer this year, there will undoubtedly be an avalanche of subsidence claims so, insurance companies look out, there could be a tsunami coming your way!

Does anyone remember the scorching hot summer of 1976? If you do, you will recall that months or years later, this was followed by an avalanche of subsidence claims, with regard to the movement of the foundations of properties, as a result of the sub-soil drying out. Read more

The first fruits of Brexit?

In the first two quarters of last year, trading for us, was positively awful in all price ranges, so much so, that we thought our phones had been ‘cut off’ by our competitors and that the ‘end of the world was nigh!’

Thank goodness, from July 2017 until the present day, certainly amongst the international buying community, the word is out that London property prices are now cheap, having been decimated by the ridiculous Stamp Duty hikes of the last Chancellor, where discount on values in the order of 30%, are now quite common. Read more