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If a Jeremy Corbyn led government was ever to gain power, the exodus of wealth creators from the UK will be less of a ‘brain drain’ from this country and more of a lobotomy

If I may, I’d like to address all those 20-40 year old ‘Labour voting groupies’ who are ‘gooey eyed’, naïve, liberal minded idealists, who, thanks to others, can now take for granted world peace, full employment, foreign travel, a successful, innovative and productive nation, with more strike-free days than any other nation in the G20.
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‘Maybot’s’ latest edict of 1-3% additional Stamp Duty for foreigners buying property in the UK?

Whilst it is a laudable aim to raise a few hundred million pounds for homeless people, at this critical time for the country, when you want to encourage inward investment, why stick up a notice to foreign investors, ‘we’re closed for your business’?

Clearly, the Tory Party are so worried about the existing paltry housing stock, that they want to stop non UK residents ‘pecking away’ at it.

This demonstrates how poorly they understand why we have a broken housing market. It’s all about supply and not about demand! Read more