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Financial times - House and Home

 “Anyone in the middle and upper class would be badly affected” says Trevor Abrahmsohn of Glentree Estates, predicting a flight of capital from the UK as “wealth creators” find other places to live. “Corbynistas are trying to make the poor rich by making the rich poor,” he says.

Evening standard - Wall of cash unleashed for mansion deals after Boris Win

 Trevor Abrahmsohn, managing director of North London estate agent Glentree International said “Hallelujah, let’s rejoice” were the first words uttered after the exit poll came in. “The feeling was we have not just dodged a bullet, we’ve dodged a nuclear explosion. When the guillotine stops an inch from your neck and you get a reprieve, obviously it’s just elation.”

International property and travel - Homes near the Heath

 Properties represent excellent value for money in comparison with other parts of London. Trevor Abrahmsohn, founder and MD of super-prime agency Glentree, advises , “Today you can buy a property in Kenwood, Hampstead, for 20% of what it would cost you in the ‘golden triangle’ of Belgravia, Knightsbridge and Mayfair.

The Times - Alexa, please sell my house

 Traditional agents are not convinced. “ It’s a great marketing gimmick, but I don’t believe you will get an intelligent response,” says Trevor Abrahmsohn of Glentree International estate agency in North London. “If Alexa says there are no viewings, for instance, you might think your property is unsellable . But there might be a good reason – it might be half term. The problem with online agents is the lack of human contact.

The Guardian - Property rich rush to snap up luxury homes.

 Trevor Abrahmsohn, the founder of Glentree International, an agency that sells homes in Hampstead and Highgate, said he had yesterday sold a North London home for £28m to an “International Asian family”, and had other big purchases lined up.

Evening standard - Housing bosses' anger as November Budget is axed

Trevor Abrahmsohn, managing director of North London estate agent Glentree International, urged the government not to neglect the sector.

The Sunday times - Home Opinion

Gazumping and Guzendering have long been a buyer's and seller's worst nightmare (if they are the ones losing out). At the moment, sellers in England and Wales can change their mind late in the day if they get a higher offer - gazumping. And an offer can be withdrawn by the buyer at any time until contracts are exchanged , leading to guzundering - a purchaser demanding a last minute price reduction. "The principle is sound, in that buyer and seller both need 'skin in the game' when they have agreed a deal and the conveyancing is being processed" says Trevor Abrahmsohn, founder of Glentree Estates, a high-end North London estate agency.

Showhome - Glentree new homes brings homes in former convent to market

Eleven individually designed apartments in London NW7, each with views across the 152 acres of Mill Hill Conservation area, have been bought to the market by Glentree new homes.

City AM - Will new reservation fees work?

New trial will see buyers and sellers pay a fee of up to £1,000 in an attempt to stop gazumping, says Helen Crane.  "The twin evils of gazumping and guzundering send buyers' and sellers' blood pressure through the roof, whilst mugging their bank accounts, " says Trevor Abrahmsohn, who runs North London property agent Glentree Estates. "Anything that can ameliorate this pain must be encouraged."

Fabric magazine - Hot Property

For sale is this architecturally designed family house tucked away in a quiet cul-de-sac off West Heath Avenue. It also backs directly onto Golders Hill Park, awarding the back bedrooms with spectacular views.

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