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Glentree’s Trevor Abrahmsohn nominates GP partners Dr Leora Harverd and Dr Karen Grossmark as his local heroes, wishing to “shine a beacon on the excellent work they are doing for the community, as the unsung heroes of the day.”

The Sunday times - What's behind the Hampstead hike

“We have done more business in the last three months than in the last 18,” says Trevor Abrahmsohn, managing director of Glentree International estate agents. “On one road, Compton Avenue, I have agreed two and sold two between £5 million and £11 million. One house on Hampstead Lane, we put £5.75 million, I told the vendor it would take 18 months to sell; in three weeks he got a bid and we sold for asking. There is something going on right now that defies gravity.”

The Sunday times - Donald Trump's next move may not be a home run. Inside the world of Florida real estate.

Trevor Abrahmsohn, managing director of the London estate agency Glentree International, has owned a home in Palm Beach for 35 years and has watched it change beyond recognition. Please read full article… 

House and home - A bounce or a belly flop?

Trevor Abrahmsohn of Glentree Estates, which specialise in selling London mansions to wealthy people. He thinks the new premium will deter foreign entrepreneurs from coming to the UK, affecting not only the amount of money the governments wants to arrange from the charge, but also revenues from the VAT on goods and services that they would have bought, and the taxes of the people they would of employed.

Money wise - How to bag a property bargain

Being a victim of gazumping can be costly as well as frustrating, with thousands wasted on property searches and surveys, only for you to miss out on the purchase. However, Trevor Abrahmsohn, founder of estate agent Glentree, argues that this is less likely to happen if you buy a repossessed property through an agent.

Fabric - Property focus - news and views from our agents

60 Seconds with….Josh Sagal, Glentree Estates.

Evening standard - Budget leaves Capital's pubs and clubs 'at risk'.

Trevor Abrahmsohn of North London agents Glentree International said: "A further draconian stamp duty surcharge on foreign buyers will inevitably deter wealth creators buying property in the UK and investing here."

Jewish Chronicle - Bishops Avenue not just for Billionaires

Karen Morris, associate director at Glentree Estates, says "We have seen a real shift in the market and buyer requirements for luxury properties on the Bishops Avenue. In previous years, people have been searching for generous mansions or large apartments situated on generous plots, and although there is still some appetite for this, we are experiencing high demand for luxurious, secure, yet smaller lateral apartments for which we are contributing to stamp duty costs, among other factors."

The Daily telegraph - Hyde Park mansion sells for record £210m

Last night, experts suggested confidence was returning to Britain's flagging luxury housing market after the general election installed a majority government last month. Trevor Abrahmsohn, managing director of Glentree International, a North London estate agency said, "I would describe before Dec 12 as BC and post Dec 12 as AD."

Evening standard - City spy

No such words from Trevor Abrahmsohn, managing director of upmarket North London estate agent Glentree International. He hoped Brits toasted "the great escape" of Brexit, saying: "Crack open a bottle of remainer tears, feast on a side of non-vegan, un-fair trade British beef and celebrate our release from the Euro-federalist prison that has held us captive for the last 47 years".

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