What a disastrous election result not only for the Tory’s but for Britain

We are now left with a Government in office but not in power. I’m afraid it was the battle of the manifestoes and Disney triumphed over reality!

I thought that the British electorate would see through the thinly veiled Labour Manifesto as the modern version of ‘Willy Wonker’s Chocolate Factory’ with more bribes than you can ‘shake a stick at’, but you know what they say about ‘fooling all the people all the time’! Since Mr. Corbyn was never going to get power, he was going to use the age-old trick of ‘handing out the sweeties’ to grab the youth vote and by golly they came in droves, like lemmings.

The Tory Manifesto on the other hand, was a serious document from a Party who was confident of winning the Election and was noticeably absent of the ‘gimmicks’ and ‘give aways’, that the other side were handing out like confetti.  It was responsible and relevant for the post Brexit era. The Labour version on the other hand, would have exacerbated the Budget Deficit and ballooned the National Debt by £230billion as the nationalisation process, would be implemented.

Has everyone gone quite mad?  Can’t anyone remember the former Labour Party Chancellor Brown and his legendary innumeracy?  He created a £60billion deficit in 2007, at the peak of the boom, when taxes were ‘pouring in’, when he should have been repaying debt, since he believed that he had got rid of the ‘boom and bust’.  This is the reason why we had to suffer a £160billion budget deficit by the time that the Labour Party lost power in 2010, which is of ‘banana republic’ proportions and the same 12% overspend as Greece, at the time.  It is incredible how history repeats itself and memories are short.

Why on earth did May so slavishly follow the advice of her inner circle strategist Nick Timothy and not Lynton Crosby who, after all, is the greatest tactical electioneer in the market today? Mr. Timothy has a left wing bent and evidently was the architect of the doomed ‘Dementia Tax’ debacle, which required May to perform an ignominious volte face, so as to avoid a ‘car crash’ before the election let alone afterwards. We should not forget that stable long term Governments are always positioned from the centre.

Clearly the youth of Britain turned out in force and were suitably seduced by the Labour Party’s offer of the prospect of zero tuition fees and absolution from their student debts, whilst, at the same time, the ‘remoaners’ were concerned about the Tory appetite for a hard Brexit solution.

Lets be honest, soft Brexit is effectively no Brexit at all, since it involves being part of the Customs Union, the Single Market which would effectively mean that we would still be accountable to EU regulation and the European Courts of Justice (ECJ).  What is the point of Brexit if control is still ceded to Europe by stealth?

Although May will dutifully ‘limp along’ with the help of the DUP, undoubtedly there will be another Election before the Autumn conference in order for the Tory’s to try again and gain a worthy mandate for the Brexit negotiations under a new leader.

Why May did not wait until next year when the constituency boundary changes would have been completed, I don;t know. It would have added another 12 seats to the Tory count, which today would have given her a slender majority government vote without the need to involve other political parties.

Undoubtedly the Pound will drop further against the Dollar and Euro which, perversely, will render UK residential property even cheaper for the international buyers, whilst at the same time, help the exporters.

I predict that residential property values will not change markedly unless Interest Rates/Mortgage Rates are increased in order to keep inflation under control, which seems very unlikely at the moment.

Although May did orchestrate a lacklustre Election campaign, which is difficult to understand since she had surprise on her side, never the less, she is after all, a good, honest, politician with a six year blemish free record under the Cameron administration.

Despite the Tory backbenchers, not known for their mercy when a leader has failed at an Election of her choosing, I do hope that they give her a chance to prove herself, having learnt some hard lessons of reality.

Unfortunately, Tory backbenchers will be merciless with their condemnation of her tactics. Sadly, it appears that she did not consult widely enough beyond the ‘cherished circle’ and it appears likely that she will have to ‘fall on her sword’ as a result.

In the meantime, the thought of Mr. ‘Worsel Gummage’ and his fellow ‘goons’ in the Labour Party grinning like ‘Cheshire cats’, is stomach churning. How could anyone in their right minds think that these innumerate, incompetent, imbeciles could do a better job at running this great nation of ours is beyond comprehension. Britain would be unsafe, Brexit would be a disaster and our finances would go awry under their stewardship.

What an awful thought!