Who Do You Think Has The Most Influence On World Events Today: President Obama, Chancellor Merkel?

Who has instigated the ‘stampede’ of refugees from the trouble spots of the Middle East, who have descended upon the ‘porous’ borders of Europe and its allies and for what reason?

Who is at the bottom of the rise of the right wing Euro sceptic political parties of Europe, whose main ‘outrage’ is the uncontrolled immigration problem and whether the EU countries should have more stringent border controls?

all about immigration

Who really was behind the winning of the Brexit vote in the UK Referendum? It was all about immigration and the countless numbers of refugees waiting at ‘The Jungle’ at Calais to enter the UK having been dispelled from Middle Eastern countries.  This has caused a schism between Europe and the UK that is probably irreparable and turned back over 40 years of integration.

Who is ‘running rings around’ America and the feckless President Obama with regard to the inept ‘Iranian deal’ that was noticeably absent of any restriction upon them to end their State sponsored terrorism, i.e. Hamas/Hezbollah and the Taliban, which has been so disruptive to the Middle East and Afghanistan and is one of the main sources of Islamic radicalism today?

exodus of refugees

Who is behind the mass exodus of refugees in Syria, Iraq, and possibly Libya, that has caused ‘five odd million’ people to descend on Europe?

Who is testing Nato’s resolve with regard to Crimea/Ukraine?

Who is driving a wedge between Turkey and Europe?

WikiLeak’s disclosures

Who is behind WikiLeak’s disclosures which may well influence the outcome of the American Election in favour of Trump and against Hillary?

You guessed it – non other than Mr. Vladimir Putin, who has elevated himself from the mere President of Russia to an ‘Imperious’ status and will maintain his ‘iron grip’ on the country until 2024, at least.

Despite the plummeting GDP of Russia and the corrosive inflation of 16% (last year), with the Ruble going into a ‘tail spin’ and crushing Interest Rates of 17%, Mr. Putin still has an incredulous 80% approval rating from his ‘sycophantic’ electorate.

President Obama has no idea how to deal with this man and would rather finish his Presidential term in the safe knowledge that his foreign policy extended to the ‘rapprochement’ with Cuba and that his golf score has never been better.

‘join the dots’

We need to ‘join the dots’ here since Russia should technically be an insignificant player in the World and should not have the profound influence that it presently exerts.

It is a measure of the ineptitude of the leaders of Europe and America that this is the case. Any one listening?