The Economy Is Shrinking, Construction And Manufacturing Are Failing And We Should Blame All This On The Hiatus Before The Referendum……..So The Government Would Have Us All Believe

I think that the Chancellor must believe that the British Electorate have all just ‘come off the onion boat’ and that we are too stupid to make sense of what is going on. For instance, economic/political factors which affect the Construction Industry take many, many months to work themselves through the system and here the government is blaming the uncertainty of Brexit on the fact that there is less residential construction now, than before.  I put it to you, is this anything to do with the fact that during the omni-shamble Budgets/Autumn Statements over the past few years, the Stamp Duty levels have increased by 70% to over 100%?

What did the Chancellor expect to happen to the Property Market with this clampdown on drastic transaction taxes?  These ‘own goals’ are the product of galloping ineptitude and yet, the only bright spark in the Economy today, is that the Financial Services Industry is growing.  You would have thought that this would be the most likely area to be affected by the uncertainty of the Referendum and the fallout from ‘Operation Fear’ about Brexit that the government is doing its best to propagate.  Surely, if financial institutions were so fearful of Brexit, the activities within would slow down and you would see this in the government’s figures.

It was within the government’s gift to choose the terms on which the Referendum vote is decided and when the vote should take place. Heaven knows why the Prime Minister didn’t ‘come clean’ with the UK public by conceding that the weak and ‘milky’ terms offered by the EU fell well short of expectation, but that was all that the ‘boffins in Brussels’ were prepared to offer in the circumstances and had he done this, he would have looked more like Churchill and less like Chamberlain.

Let us not forget that the Prime Minister had until the end of 2017 to organise this and the fact that the Referendum campaign had a lead time of about three months, with all the uncertainty attached, is clearly not the fault of the Electorate or the Brexit campaigners who have had no choice in any of these decisions. The government is blaming every element of bad economic news on the Brexit campaign, yet one has nothing to do with the other.

Wheeling out the US President and his ‘motley crew’ of treasury secretaries to grab the headlines for the ‘Remain’ issue, is nothing short of scurrilous and for him to threaten us with protracted Trade Talks, should Brexit become a reality, was also not very helpful.

According to the most recent Polls the Brexit vote has seen a resurgence in support as a result of this debacle, since it appears that the British Electorate did not like to be ‘bullied’ particularly by an American president who has been coerced by the UK government, in a conspicuous attempt to boost ‘Operation Fear’.

Not a few weeks ago did, Mr. Obama, criticise the UK government for its wrongful interference in Libyan internal politics and now he is extolling the virtues of the ‘Remain’ issue.  It’s a bit rich, from a man who thinks that US Foreign policy should stop at Cuba, whilst at the same time, the Middle East is alight with problems and Mr. Putin parades around the world as an unbridled Emperor.

He has squandered his unprecedented honeymoon period when he first came to Office and after scooping-up that ridiculous Nobel Prize for Peace, today presides over the lowest recorded personal ratings of any former President, such that Hillary considers him to be a ‘toxic presence’ for her presidential campaign aspirations.

By way of background, Europe was set up by the six founding countries after the war (the UK was not present) as an economic solution to a political imperative and by the UK joining late in the day, ‘the die was cast’ and, as such, we were not consulted on some of the socialistic, inefficient, unaccountable institutions which exist in Europe today such as; CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) which suits the French model magnificently, since agriculture makes up 20% of their GNP, but not in the UK, where it is 6% of GNP.  We have only ever been looking for an economic solution, since we have no political imperative.

NATO will keep the peace in Europe, not the EU. 
Should we be surprised that the numbers of countries recruited to the EU is now 28, when every new nation joining Europe, provides Germany with very welcome consumers for their exported goods?  This is aided and assisted by a weak Euro currency, which effectively represents to them, a devalued ‘Deutsche Mark’.  Clearly the founding countries are ‘drinking their fill from the holy waters’ at our exclusion, even if we may remain in the EU.

Goodness knows what will happen if Turkey becomes absorbed into the EU and all the migrants eventually obtain a Turkish passport that will give them free reign over the rest of Europe.  Mr. Erdoğan is the most skilled autocrat and is already trying to hold the EU to ransom about Turkey’s membership, using the migrants’ issue as a lever.  He styles himself on Mr. Putin and I cannot think of a less compatible recruit than Turkey for the EU model and another good reason why we should keep out of this ‘Club’.

It beggar’s belief that should the Referendum produce a Brexit, at the subsequent trade talks between the UK and the EU, the subject of a second UK Referendum on better, more favourable terms, would undoubtedly be brought up.  It happened in Ireland and as such procured the right result and they will do it again with the UK and anyone who doesn’t believe this is a fool. 
At the very worst, being out of Europe, we would be free of the shackles of this suffocating bureaucracy which has resulted in half the average economic growth and double the unemployment rate of say either America or ourselves.  A shameful record.

No world currency exists without two vital components; a lender of the last resort and control over tax and spending, neither of which the Euro has at present and only will have when there is a pan Europe federal model. 
Does anyone suspect that if we were to remain in Europe, we would be consulted on any issue concerning federalism and therefore we would be in the worst of all worlds, in Europe, with all the bureaucratic disadvantages, but excluded from the main decision-making inner circle. 

Is there really a choice here?  Aren’t we compelled to release the shackles of this arcane Neanderthal system and ‘fly free’ on our own to shape our future destiny, as only we know how?

We stood up against the most fearsome military might that the world has ever seen during the last war, when the rest of Europe either fell or collaborated in weeks or days and we will do so again.

Let’s believe in ourselves; we are a great nation and we understand better than anyone else, how to use our sovereignty wisely which is sacrosanct, control our own borders, embrace new technology, create jobs and be the best we can be.

It begs the question; is the Prime Minister and his Chancellor exhibiting tactics borne from their fear that they will ignominiously lose their jobs if the vote in June goes the wrong way?

Desperation is seldom the most helpful driving force for any issue as subtlety becomes the casualty of these tactics. By comparison the Brexit supporters seem cautiously optimistic that the tide is slowly moving towards them.

No capitulation.  No surrender.  No collaboration.  Let Britain be great again.  We can do it!


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