Should The Taxpayer Be Funding The Government’s Propaganda Campaign To Remain In The EU Or Is It An Outrageous And Inexcusable, Partisan Misspent Expenditure?

Anyone who has ‘half a brain in their heads’ would be able to realise that the Prime Minister and Chancellor’s political careers are indivisibly tied to the outcome of the Referendum vote in June.  Therefore, when we see unbridled enthusiasm to ‘Remain’ this means, in effect, ‘Please allow me to remain in my job for a little longer with my dignity intact.’

Anxiety amongst the pro-Europe camp of the Government is increasing, as the odds of Brexit are in the ascendancy and perhaps a reality, which is probably why the Government is choosing to write to every Household in the UK, at the taxpayers expense, extolling the virtues of remaining in the EU.

This is an outrageous and unwarranted waste of taxpayer’s money and should be considered so, by the public at large.

In the alternative, if the Government wanted to use this vehicle to overcome the apathy of voters in a neutral fashion, in order to encourage them to vote on June 23rd, one way or another, this would be perfectly acceptable.  The incidental benefit to the ‘Remain’ case with a higher turn-out, could be excused, which is in sharp contrast to the ‘overtly partisan’ leaflet that is being sent to households across the UK.

I know that the Prime Minister and the Chancellor mean well, but ‘Remain’ should be ‘remain in their jobs’ since as we all know, if the decision goes against them and we come out of Europe, both of these esteemed politicians will have to resign and this is what they fear beyond anything else.

Lesson one in Life; “don’t forget to read between the lines!”

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