Clarkson need not have been sacked …how crass …there was a far better way!

We all know that the BBC had a dilemma with the ‘enfant terrible’ Jeremy Clarkson.

Anyone who can breath air, knows that this man is a walking ‘time bomb, however his explosive spontaneity must be the reason why Top Gear is one of the most popular and saleable TV shows in the world and certainly catapulted what would have been an otherwise a narrow interest and pedestrian car review Show into a fun packed entertainment for the whole family.

There was a far better way to reprimand him and to make sure justice reigned supreme. This was by means of a hefty financial penalty, likened to fines imposed on errant and wayward football players in the premier league.

If, for instance, a  £50,000 or £100,000 fine was levied against Clarkson by the BBC then it would appear, to all intent and purposes, that he got his ‘just desserts’, whilst still keeping him as the anchor man for the show that earns the BBC a ‘truck load’ of money both in this country and from abroad.

He could have been warned that he gets three strikes before he is out.  If there were to be a further incident the fine could have been even more draconian therefore making Clarkson think twice before taking another swing at an assistant producer.  If an incident occurred for a third time he would be sacked and no one could critise the BBC for not having exhausted every opportunity of remedying the situation and the sanction would have been applauded by the Public instead of at present, a simmering resentment.

Instead of the money going to the BBC it could have gone to some charitable cause, say for sick children, that could be televised with him conspicuously handing out the cheque. The BBC would have been seen to measure out discipline and look less like a ‘patsy’ and Jeremy Clarkson would have been chastised in the only way that means anything to him whilst at the same time, the charity reaps the benefit…surely a win,win for all.

Instead, as we all know ,he is sacked, the show is likely to be cancelled, the BBC loses a prime time, world class entertainment programme and instead of a punishment,Clarkson probably gets more money from another channel to do a similar programme under another name.

What are the head haunchos at the Beeb smoking ?

You can see my point cant you?