Stop Clobbering The Rich

As ridiculous as it is kicking the rich is a very attractive sport at the moment and the Lib Dems (aided and abetted by the Labour Party who do not want to be left out of the game) are spearheading the charge.

It is absolutely clear, as night follows day, that there seems to be an unseemly scrabble between Labour and the Lib Dems for the left wing mantel to try to establish a perceptible difference between them and the Tory Party.

I’m not sure if these armchair socialists understand that any democratic country needs wealth creators in order to invest their money and expertise building businesses, employing people and spending their money.  2% of the taxpayers pay 50% of the tax take.  Isn’t this sufficiently unfair to appease the most left wing of the socialists?

Wealth creators are invariably transient and are sufficiently inventive to be able to ply their trade in any fertile, economic environment that does not need to be the UK.

These errant socialists should be ‘horse whipped’ for expounding this anti-rich rhetoric and, in doing so, sending a very caustic message to aspiring entrepreneurs (the UK’s closed for future business).

London is a financial colossus that is the envy of most financial capitals of the world and we need to drop the barriers to entry not raise them.  Socialists are good at spending the money that is generated by the capitalists.

The government are absolutely right to lower corporation tax towards 20% and they should lower income tax to 40% that together would generate a great deal more money for The Exchequer to put back into the economy for worthy causes.

There is no crime or shame to building wealth and you should not be punished for it.