Is There A Housing Bubble In London Or An Outright Recession At The Higher End Of The Market?

What on earth is everyone going on about?  True, the market is extremely buoyant between £200,000 and £600,000 where there is little stock and where you can sell a property to whomever you want within a matter of hours. However, at the middle to upper end of the market, there is a recession going on which probably started a year ago and where values are dropping by 10-15%.

There are very few buyers, particularly above £10million, either locally or from abroad.  The Non-Dom fiscal changes, the draconian Stamp Duty rates and the low oil price have all seen to that. Continue reading

George Osborne’s Autumn Statement 2015 – A Wish List

When our esteemed Chancellor, George Osborne, stands up at the Ballot Box for his Autumn Statement in the Commons this year this is what we would, ideally, like him to address.

The housing market, particularly in London, is grinding to a halt burdened by the huge weight of the SDLT charges that were imposed in last year’s Autumn Statement. Continue reading