Lets Put ‘Great’ Back Into Britain ….Where It Belongs

The fact that we are number two in the medals table in the Rio Olympics 2016 is a further indication that when this country applies its mind to do something, we are extremely good at it. Just look at how efficient and exciting our version of The Olympics was in London 2012. The infrastructure was ready a year before it was needed and presently we are utilizing all these facilities originally built for the event for good causes, when most other countries leave them to ‘lie fallow and decay’ whilst they ‘nurse’ the cost of the event itself for many years afterwards.

Just look how far we have come from the dismal performance in the Olympic Games of 1996 where we were barely able to muster one gold medal which was the same count as Armenia and Burundi. As a result of great investment and effort we increased this tally in our own 2012 Olympics, where we were third in the medal table at 29 gold’s and now we have done so much better in Rio 2016. What a transformation and we can certainly thank the Lottery Funding for providing the necessary resources and for elevating all these sporting activities which was originally started by former Prime Minister, John Major, in 1994.

The success of the Olympics embodies all of our aspirations for the potential of this country on the world stage and is a further illustration that when we believe in ourselves, have the conviction and necessary resources, we do extremely well and when we don’t, we don’t!

This siren call for ‘nationalistic fervour’ should be widespread in all respects in the post Brexit era. In order to ensure that the decision of the ‘Great British Electorate’ to exit the EU is a success, we need to believe in the greatness of this proud and formidable country of ours. After all, over the years, we have been at the forefront of some of the most momentous inventions which have changed the way that the world functions i.e. The World Wide Web, The Hovercraft, The Jet Engine, television, light bulbs, photography and even the lowly Chocolate Bar, to name but a few.

Somewhat uniquely, Britain is probably one of the very few countries that could thrive outside of the EU. France certainly could not and Italy would be a ‘basket case’ by comparison. We should believe that we can easily compete with the rest of the world and set new standards of excellence without needing to ‘hide under the apron strings’ of the EU for protection, as do other European States.

We should encourage British manufacturers to emblazon the Union Jack on the many items made in this country and, perhaps, even make it mandatory to sing the hymn ‘Jerusalem’ at schools and concerts to further endorse this mantra of putting Great Britain first!

Our cherished Capital, London, which is considered by the cognoscenti as the ‘Greatest City on Earth’ is the Mecca for excellence in culture, financial services, technology, education, cuisine, couture etc., and where more people want to come to than leave, a phenomenon not enjoyed in many other financial capitals of the world.

Anyone that believes that Hitler was deterred from invading Britain by the 22 miles of The English Channel is delusional. Even he realised that we are made of ‘sterner stuff’ than our European counterparts, which he trounced upon, militarily speaking, at the time. Our stoicism is legendary and we were not the ‘Greatest Empire in The World’ in the 20th Century without good reason.

Believe Britain is Great and it surely will be.

‘Till we have built Jerusalem in England’s green and pleasant land’ (hymn: Jerusalem).