Brexit – A New Dawn Of A New Era

Hallelujah, the ‘Great British Public’ are not so stupid after all and voted against the aggressive ‘Remain’ tactics designed to bamboozle and bully them into voting for them.  Let Britain be great again and ‘fly free’ now that it has been released from the shackles of the European bureaucratic, undemocratic, corrupt regime.
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How desirable is it for ‘Club’ members to be press ganged into compliance, resist being accountable to their Electorate and then be threatened with knee-capping if they want to leave?

The UK press were the first to ‘blow the whistle’ on the corrupt Blatter regime in FIFA when all the other countries paid homage to him and, as a result, the fiefdom was broken up and sanity prevails…. this same example will apply to Europe. In all probability there will now be a rush for Referendums amongst other European nations and a run on the Euro and perhaps this Neanderthal, inefficient ‘Club’ will be broken up or substantially reformed.

Many people today would have voted positively in the Referendum for the EEC in 1973 when it was a simple, tariff free, trading block but this outdated model has morphed into a precursor to a Federal Europe which the EU is today and it appears that more Europeans want to leave the EU than want to join.

David Cameron’s resignation speech today was dignified and appropriate and is the measure of an elegant Prime Minister who has done his best for the country. Only one other post War Prime Minister, Harold Wilson, left by his own accord which is an illustration of this worthy man.

Whilst there will be currency and stock market turmoil in the short term when the ‘sand’ settles, as it has already this morning, and the way forward is clear with a new Prime Minister, likely to be Boris Johnson, and a new Chancellor, perhaps Michael Gove, Great Britain will start its long climb to even greater heights free of encumbrances.

We are a great nation and we should never lose confidence in ourselves.  We have wrestled our sovereignty back and we should use this privileged status wisely.

Although it is now thankfully behind us, it should be noted that Germany, not only benefits from the Euro, which is a devalued Deutsche Mark but  has encouraged the expanding of Europe, since each new member represents a fresh basket of consumers to buy their exported goods.  Had it allowed the ECB to carry out Quantitative Easing at the same time as the UK and the US, the struggling European economies would have been reflated and be growing at a much faster rate. This selfish and stubbornness has meant that, for instance,  Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece, have suffered with 50% youth unemployment which is a scourge on their society and caused them great strife and is generated from the German’s fear of hyperinflation which it suffered in the 20s.  This is what I suppose they term ‘European Cooperation’.