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Lettings Industry Governments ‘Whipping Boy’

The Lettings Industry is the ‘whipping boy’ of the government. Before you look around there is another new fangled regulation, or change of legislation, to burden this already besieged industry. Long gone are the days of the Rachman era where scurrilous landlords and their sycophantic agents abused the tenants, now it could even be the other way around.

You would have thought that the pared down Queen’s speech would have needed higher priorities than to include the new regulation prohibiting agents from charging tenants fees, but there it is. Trivia rules KO!

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What a disastrous election result not only for the Tory’s but for Britain

We are now left with a Government in office but not in power. I’m afraid it was the battle of the manifestoes and Disney triumphed over reality!

I thought that the British electorate would see through the thinly veiled Labour Manifesto as the modern version of ‘Willy Wonker’s Chocolate Factory’ with more bribes than you can ‘shake a stick at’, but you know what they say about ‘fooling all the people all the time’! Since Mr. Corbyn was never going to get power, he was going to use the age-old trick of ‘handing out the sweeties’ to grab the youth vote and by golly they came in droves, like lemmings.

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Capital Gains Tax on ones Personal, Private, Residences (PPR) above £5million is being ‘floated’ by the Torys

The press has mooted the idea of Capital Gains Tax on ones PPR above £5million. Usually in these circumstances there is no ‘smoke without fire’. Were this ‘fool hardy’ idea to be incorporated in the first Budget of the new Tory administration, were they to be elected, this would be the first time that any government has had the temerity to trounce on the sacred ground of the middle to upper classes. It unquestionably would be another ‘bash’ against London residents, which, lets face it, is hardly a Tory heartland, since it is has been historically left leaning.
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