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How to play Russian Roulette and win

Here is another fabulous vignette of a somewhat alternative negotiating technique and probably the finest I have seen in my lifetime. Let me set the scene for you.

My vendor client, Mr. Instone Bloomfield, was a wealthy banker with a swanky office in Berkeley Square and had instructed Glentree to sell his expensive, trophy mansion, in St John’s Wood, namely Mermaid House, for a price which in today’s money would be £75million.

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An emboldened ‘comrade’ Corbyn, the next Prime Minister… what an awful prospect, there will be ‘blood on the floor’!

In 2022, or earlier, we could be looking down the barrel of a quasi-Marxist government, if the Tories don’t get their ‘act together’ and start to look like a cohesive government not only in office, but in power!

This militant, left wing, resurgent, Labour Party will stop at nothing to bribe and bamboozle the UK Electorate, in order to convince them of the virtues of their Trotskyite dogma.

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Who would lose £1million on the toss of a coin?

Here is the scene; I set up a ‘summit’ meeting (my particular speciality) for the sale of two super luxury penthouses, in a landmark development overlooking the City of London, in the middle of Hampstead Heath, between the buyer, the late Cyril Dennis and my developer client. Mr. Dennis needed a penthouse for himself and another for his friend. The only problem was that he had just an hour reserved for the meeting, before he had to fly away on his private jet. Read more