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We are a proud, competent nation, which has changed the world in many ways… Lets stop ‘bashing’ the UK and start flying the flag

Although I was not born in Britain, I am very proud and privileged to have lived and worked in this country for many years and I get so irritated by the ‘Remainers’ who cannot get over the fact that the Great British Public voted for Brexit in the Referendum and still feel that the only way for us to succeed, is to continue to hide under the ‘apron strings’ of the European Community.

Wrong, wrong, wrong!

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Rents of £25,000 per week: The emergence of the ‘Uber Tenant’

The only real benefit of the foolhardy Non Dom tax changes, instituted in the Autumn Statement of 2014 and exacerbated by the Referendum/Brexit result, is the emergence of the ‘uber tenant’.

These are international, high net worth individuals, who would have ordinarily bought substantial mansions of £20-50million each, but instead have chosen to rent these properties at eye-wateringly high levels which, in some cases, have exceeded a staggering £25,000 per week.

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